Hello! I realize that around 2 people follow this blog now. I should probably tell you that I’m like 14?? I hope you aren’t here for sophisticated reviews or complicated recipes. I only make food that takes less time to make than it does to eat.
I live on an island. No, not a warm island in the pacific, with clear water and diamond bikinis, but a cold island in the Atlantic with tourists and 6 feet of snow. Yay.
I have a problem with disordered eating, so you won’t be seeing anything about calories or nutrition facts, as it will easily trigger me into these behaviors again. I like to post healthy recipes because it means I can eat plenty of servings without feeling guilty.
I am a vegetarian. I plan on becoming vegan sometime soon. You won’t see recipes with meat on this blog.
Yes, that includes chicken nuggets. I don’t care how delicious they are.

My absolute favorite blog is Chocolate Covered Katie, and Foodie Fiasco isn’t far behind. I also like Desserts with Benefits.

My favorite recipes are single serving, easy, and made with few ingredients. Pancakes and cookie dough are my favorite recipes.


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